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Simplicity of Bevels

Bevels add sparkle and texture without the need to add colour unless by choice. Bevels are cut pieces of glass that reflect light through them creating simple designs of elegance and style.

Design Options

Can be supplied with or without colour
Can be supplied with or without border in lid.
Stained Frame or White frame or Raw Frame


Long Sided Octagonal

1200mm x 600mm
1800mm x 600mm
1200mm x 900mm
1500mm x 900mm
1800mm x 900mm
2100mm x 900mm
1800mm x 1200mm
2100mm x 1200mm
2400mm x 1200mm



900mm x 900mm
1200mm x 1200mm
1500mm x 1500mm
1800mm x 1800mm


Price Guide

Long octagonal Long Octagonal
Fully Installed Fully installed
octagonal Octagonal
Fully Installed Fully installed
Flat Panel Flat Panel
Fully Installed Fully installed

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Colour Selection

Skylight colour selection

Frame Finish

Skylight frame selection

Frame Options

All frames are made from kiln-dried cedar unless specified. Where possible each frame is cut from the same colour stock.

Stained Frames
Frames can be stained and lacquered ready for final polish after installation. If staining and lacquering is required please specify stain colour. Note that these colour swatches are an indication of colour and do depend on the colour of the stock timber used.

Painted Frames
Please specify if frames are going to be painted. The outer moulding used will be MDF as it is much harder than cedar. Painted frames are installed or supplied undercoated for finishing on site.

Other Frames
We can supply frames in other species of timber if required. Please enquire prior to ordering as to availability and any extra cost involved.