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Tired of Lining in the Dark?

DK Media Admin - Thursday, February 28, 2013

If your tired of living in the dark our Beautiful Skylights allowing an abundance of natural light during the day and a stunning feature at night thanks to the internal lighting…..

Belle Ceiling Domes have taken skylights to a new level. You no longer have to look at a plain plastic diffuser in your ceiling underneath your skylight. These spectacular domes are made from solid cedar and safety glass, providing a lasting unique feature in your home.

Light, now more than ever, has become an important part of our daily lives, along with the desire to achieve beauty and personality in our homes. Belle Ceiling Domes have created the perfect solution to allow more natural light in addition to a very beautiful and attractive feature.

We have an extensive range of shapes and sizes to suit all rooms and situations, along with the ability to personalize colours and finishes. Belle Ceiling Domes will custom make, deliver and fit your ceiling dome, leaving you to simply enjoy your light filled room during the day. At night time your dome is no less a feature with internal lights fitted so that you are able to enjoy the beauty of your Belle Ceiling Dome during the evening hours.